Shoot For The Moon - EP

by Dartel

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"Shoot For The Moon" is Dartel's debut EP released through 80HD Records. Features guest appearances from Marino Mariner and Chris Echols.


released April 7, 2012

All tracks produced, recorded and mixed by Ben Walker for 80HD Records.

Mastered by Matt Gray.

Album artwork by Adrian "Vision" Romero -



all rights reserved


Dartel New Zealand

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Track Name: SFTM (Intro)
When the stars align
Will they shine for me?
Maybe they will
I need time to breathe
In designer jeans
The life I lead
One day we'll stop and see
I just hope you sign for me
And because I write
Sometimes it makes me wrong
But I give you truth in each and every single song
So you can sing a long
Hold on bring a bong
So you can try and find
Which fucking wing I'm on
See my palm
I'm never underhanded
Some things don't need explaining if you ever understand it
It's the way I planned it
And what I abandoned
I'll spend my life making up for on this planet
Listen I'm still dismissive
Critics and bitches blow 'em kisses
Rappers are sick fictitious wishing for chicks and riches give me the stitches
Which is why these listeners picture life like visions of vistas shitters that missed us
And a list of all that could have been should have been with us
For the time it takes
The rhymes I make
Let's celebrate
For heavens sake
And when I see my sister
She got a place for me
So in my heart
Is where it pays to be
They say play for me
I digress
Waiting for the moment I know it's coming
The only pressure is to keep my dreams from being nothing
I don't compare
Cos I don't compare
Every second I'm here to let you know
I'm here
I don't compare
I don't compare
Every second I'm here to let you know
I'm here
To feel the sun
Hey it'll be over soon
Shoot for the moon
I don't need no parachute
Track Name: Heartbreak
You can stay in heartbreak

[Verse 1]
I know it hurts no lies
I’m bringing rhymes back
I’ve got you all fiendin’ like
Where the lines at?
It’s cos I’m crushing it
Even if ya lovin it
I’m sure if you look hard
There’s something to roll your eyes at
Like my dream of dropping an album
To see me fall flat on my face
Is a popular outcome
Let alone make an income off it
I saved every single scoff
In return to make a profit
Out of my close friends
Who knew that I’ve got it?
Throwing up Hs cause
You know that I rock it
4, 3, 2, 1
We are not par
This is just CPR like

Welcome to heartbreak
You can partake
In the crushing, nothing, feeling
Never to part ways
Welcome to heartbreak
You can now stay
Here’s a place, get a plate, don’t forget to say grace
You’re in
Heartbreak you can learn save face
Heartbreak you could learn same place
Heartbreak you can burn hey wait
You can stay in heartbreak

[Verse 2]
And this feeling you can’t help it
Came out of nowhere Tenchu
Stealth tip
And you felt it but you were oblivious
Who would’ve thought it would get so serious?
With no partner in the house now
You’re attention strapped, tryna pull your blouse down
Taking the mickey like the mouse
With no Minnie for a spouse
Sounds the opposite to grouse now
It’s the flame that you doused out
And if you’re sitting round cold wondering well that’s how
You came to be in this predicament
Literally unblemished had to clear it up in case you saw it differently
You were nothing but a zit to me
Bodybag flow let me show you where the zipper be
It’s exactly what you get from me
I hope you realize it’s exactly where you’re meant to be


[Verse 3]
I let you tell it and people would hear a different story
‘Bout sacrifice and the things that you did for me
As we all know everything’s not what it seems
And what that means
Is they want you to live to see you
Fry it like a frickasee
But I do it to death
Until I’m blue in the face and I’m losing my breath
The late nights I ached to party with the rest
They get the feeling nonetheless
Cardiac arrest

They get the fee-ling none-the-less
They get the fear
They get the feeling nonetheless
Cardiac arrest

Track Name: Daydreamer (Feat. Chris Echols)
First you dream from the bottom
Then you wake up at the top
Live moving so fast
And you pray that this rush don’t stop
Wait for no one gotta go in and claim your spot
So give you everything you got
Turning nothing into a lot
So welcome to your dreams you
And welcome to the things you
Daydreamed of
Now all the hard work paid off
And you see your foot step through the door
And then you realize you’re dreaming no more

[Verse 1]
I never thought I would live this way bro
Every single day goes tryna make a peso
Hoping to stack it like Lego
Either that or try and mould it like Play-Doh
As a kid it was all fun and games though
Some were more bright
Others don’t have the same – glow
I guess I should be thankful
But I gotta make their brains blow
Cause I know what I didn’t know then
Keep your trust in your loved ones
Never in a friend
And it’s clear that the end is never in sight
What was born in the dark may come to light
Still wishing that it will all come by night
But I gotta make it happen it has to be done right, right?
I’m all for it
But try to tell a poor kid what’s more important


[Verse 2]
Eyes wide open
Eyes wide shut
Eyes on your prize as your eyes light up
I still try I could never give enough
In a rush to live it up
I will never give it up
And my mother still worries that I’m living too fast
Always bout the future
And lettin’ go of the past
It gets me down but when it’s giving you laughs
Remember stay in front and never let dudes pass
And they say death comes in trios
So I gotta make it before it comes for me
So me and my C.O. build stock in the fact
That I’m almost there
Thank god for that
That I’ve gone through that
And it’s got me here
Have to turn a cheek to everything we fear
Just cheer
One thing persevere
You need to let it burn I’m so sincere


Now all the hard work paid off
And you see your foot step through the door
And then you realize you’re dreaming no more
Track Name: It's Cool (Feat. Marino Mariner)
[Verse 1]
I get it
I’m probably not what you’re used to
I’m Sesame St and you’re Blues Clues
I’m from a time of Starter caps you’re New Era
I bet your friends always say that you could do better
And I don’t blame them
But they don’t know me
They hear I rap and probably think homie
But I could be yours
You know friendship?
When I talk I can tell there’s slight tension
All these other players
You can bench ‘em
No waits just send ‘em on vacation
You’re INXS
And it’s a New Sensation
If you were My Girl
I could be a Temptation
And I’m sorry if it sounds a little spastic
I’m not gonna act like these other girls were practice
And that’s if you think I’m playing
We’ve got time so listen to what I’m saying

It’s cool girl
Like school
Never ever did I think I’d meet someone like you
We can choose
Whether to make moves
Cos I don’t give a fuck
What they think or might do
I like you
I like you
Let me put you in the mood wouldn’t you like to?
I like you
I like you
We can do whatever, whenever
You like to

[Verse 2]
I get it
You probably have reservations
Just know my past is that
And have patience
I’m trying hard to be part of a constellation
But I’m not ever second so never a consolation
That’s how I want it but
Be my guest
I’m a Beauty and a Beast on the beat
Nothing more nothing less
And I’m sure that you can get the gist
Dartel never fail if you put me to the test
I won’t – rest
And you won’t either
When I’m on top
Girls will wanna supersede ya
It’s the procedure but you don’t need to worry bout it
Think clear skies don’t let the vision cloud it
Cos I’m about it
And I know you are
We can do it B.I.G
Just think like Christopher
And if you are
We’re on the right track
You’re the reason I sit down and write that, that…



[Chorus 2x]
Track Name: Eat Your Heart Out
[Verse 1]
(I told you I’m good)
Yeah, and I’m talented at rap
Tryna keep a job is a balancing act
But knowing this fantasy
Is so close to becoming a reality

(Who’d believe in that?)
Na, when they can’t even see
The light at the end of the tunnel
I know when I do make it it’s trouble
Me and my squadron,
You don’t want know problems
I’m conscious

(Surely not the ones?)
Who are dishonest
And I don’t claim to be God’s gift
But that won’t stop me from
Banging girls that ignored us
To girls that are gorgeous
I don’t need to force it

(I know you know)
They don’t want me to flaunt it
But it’s whatever, however, whenever
They come around
Nose up like they’re off it
Same muthafuckas now they say that they’re on it

So here it is
It’s that shit that you can ride to
Something you can vibe to
On your own or with a few
Tryna make ya eat ya heart out baby,
We hard out baby,
Eat your heart out baby,
Get in this car now baby tonight

[Verse 2]
(Now they wanna know)
If I’m real about
Everything I speak about
Go ahead seek it out
And if I think I got what it takes
To make it
How far can I take it
Before I break?

(You’d believe in that)
When the time’s right
Picture me in the limelight
Thank god for hindsight
From when I knew it was possible
I saw the shift in obstacles
Till lots of you
Ultimately lost your cool

(Surely you’re the one?)
It’s the strangest
Friends become strangers
And wanna see you aimless
No matter if you’ve got it
They never want you to succeed
Success it sucks
But we don’t plan to stop it

(I know you know)
That I’m here now
I’m not going anywhere now
So if you ready and waiting for me to leave
I promise to set you free
I’m everything that you need to believe


(I told you I’m good)
(Who’d believe in that?)
(Surely not the ones?)
I know
(I know you know) you want it
Now that everybody’s on it

(Now they wanna know)
(You’d believe in that)
(Surely you’re the one?)
I know
(I know you know) you want it
Now that everybody’s on it

Track Name: Been This Way
[Verse 1]
I see life for what it is
It’s a new day
But tomorrow never comes
And who says
You’ll be remembered like presents and sun in December?
Or the anticipation at the end of November?
And who says street smarts is better than academia?
To me, just seems macadamia
I still want it though
I definitely know
It’s my personality so how can I just let it go?
I wear my heart on my sleeve
From the start I believed
Even when my closest friends couldn’t see
Looking for room to breathe
Cause it’s crowded below
“See You At The Top” has become my M.O.
I knew,
Trials and tribulations I go through
Ultimately make me a bold dude
It’s so true and I can never change back
At least I told you a reason for why I’m saying that

Yeah I been this way
Ever since I popped in, dropped out
You don’t understand it’s just me
Yeah I been this way
I am still the same to this day
I remain never changed it’s just me
Yeah I been this way
No need to get mad
Blame my mum, blame my friends, blame my dad
I’m just saying
Yeah I been this way
I just hope it’s clear that I’m here
I’m not going anywhere

[Verse 2]
Sometimes you’re born to do it
Born to make bomb music
I’ve been wanting to blow
Ever since dawn
Stupid, how things pan out
And everything I am ‘bout
Still tryna get gold without having a handout
I’m doing 9-to-5’s
When I stare at the mirror
I want the higher life
While preparing for dinner
Never for vanity
Only because cash rules
Similar to gravity
I always thought that’s cool
I was casual but that never pays much
If it was morning I was always looking for play lunch
I love the late nights
Partying and playing up
And all the time spent
Arguing and laying up
Oh and the finer things
Not to show ‘em off
I get bashful if anybody knew the cost
I’ve got flaws too
Shit don’t we all?
I’m just gonna do my thing and have a fuckin ball



[Outro Chorus]
Yeah I been this way,
Yeah I been this way,
Yeah I been this way
No need to get mad
Blame my mum, blame my friends, blame my dad
I’m just saying
Yeah I been this way
I just hope it’s clear that I’m here
I’m not going anywhere